Myumi Wynwood: Freshest Omakase on Wheels

Put the chopsticks down, and roll-up your sleeves. The Japanese food truck, Myumi - located in the heart of Wynwood: Miami's central art district - provides a traditional Japanese omakase experience.
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Put the chopsticks down, and roll-up your sleeves. The Japanese food truck, Myumi - located in the heart of Wynwood: Miami's central art district - provides a traditional Japanese omakase experience, where it is courteous to eat sushi with your hands. The Japanese ethic omakase is where there is no "set" menu, rather you are at the chef's hands, and therefore he selects the best choices to serve you.

Meet the chefs: Chef Kazuo Yoshida, from 1 or 8 in Williamsburg, teamed up with restaurateur, Jake Smith, to introduce Miami to traditional omakase. However, chances are that if you go to the food truck on any given day, you will not find Chef Yoshida. Rather you will find his prodigy, Chef Ryo Kato. Chef Ryo has past experience working at Sushisamba in South Beach, and trained with his master Yoshida for six months, prior to taking the reigns at Myumi.

What makes this food truck a hidden gem is the exclusivity offered. Myumi brings you the freshest catch around - varying daily between our local Atlantic waters, and reaching Alaskan Pacific waters. However, you cannot walk up to the food truck when you please, to experience this extraordinary meal you must book a reservation through an application called Resy - the app makes the reservation process quick and painless. Be sure to book your seats in advance, the food truck only possesses six individual high chairs at the bar, with clear view of chef at work in order to get the full experience.

To my delight, on my last visit to Myumi, at their newest location (56 NW 29th Street Miami, FL 33127) I had the pleasure of dining at the hands of Chef Yoshida. Though my previous dining experiences with Chef Ryo were incredible, he greeted me with a big smile and said "You have enjoyed my omakase, now prepare yourself for my master's". And in those simple words, I was hooked. Chef Yoshida was polite, humorous, and an overall pleasure to meet.

Myumi's traditional sushi course options are at the solid price of $60 for 8 pieces and $80 for 12 pieces. Yet, due to the rare occasion that the master chef Yoshida is in town; which varies between 3-4 months, when he flies down for events or pop-ups. Myumi offers an additional course option extended to a 15-piece omakase experience, for $100. It isn't everyday you get to dine at the hands of such an experienced and commemorated Japanese chef, ergo I didn't have to think twice before choosing such option.

The marvel to the omakase tradition is the uncertainty. Don't get me wrong; I hate uncertainty, especially when it comes to what I'm eating. Nonetheless, my previous experiences at Myumi were exquisite, leaving no room for skepticism.

To avoid any unpleasant repercussions, Yoshida politely asked my friends and I to highlight any allergies or distastes. Luckily no one in our group had any food allergies, and regarding distastes; none of us would dare intrude on the omakase tradition. After all, we arrived at Myumi with open mindedness and growling stomachs.

Throughout the courses, Chef Yoshida exceeded all of our expectations. Chef Ryo stood behind Yoshida and watched his master at work, helping on sidelines. I was transported to nigiri heaven, as you can taste the freshness in every bite. Each piece is made before your eyes and you can see the delicacy in making them as Chef Yoshida hand-rolled perfect Nori cylinders. The chef introduces the courses as he is plating; he will tell you both where the fish came from, and how it was prepared. Yoshida presented himself respectably and approachable. Though all of us were mindful that there is only one of each nigiri served, upon eating the Uni Nigiri - Sea Urchin, which is getting harder to find in Miami, we couldn't help in asking the chef if he could serve us more of the delicacy. Our mouths watered as we watched Chef Yoshida prepare the last course, and surprise us, as he topped the Tuna Nigiri with pieces of fresh Uni. He truly saved the best for last.

I commend Myumi for the impeccable experience it provides, with both of the outstanding chefs in place and the ambiance. The food truck's environment - a hip bar with rural décor, a beautiful garden surrounded by lights strung up on trees, and live music - is up to par with the standards it sets.