Heartwarming Napkin Note To Ramen Tatsu-ya Makes Us Feel Warm And Fuzzy (PHOTO)

PHOTO: The Most Heartwarming Napkin Note Left At Restaurant

As it turns out, not all notes directed toward restaurants and waitstaff are nasty. A Reddit user writing in a forum frequented by restaurant industry workers recently posted a lovely little note that a satisfied customer scrawled on napkin. It made us "aww" out loud.

The user, sunkissedpianist, titled her post, "We got this today. Gratitude is flowing both ways." It reads:

Dear Ramen Tatsu-ya,

Thank you so much for providing me with such an awesome bowl of ramen. Some how [sic] you just; I don't know, get me. I came in with pain and confusion on my heart and mind. And you took it all away and replaced it with lovely flavors, wonderful smells and beautiful memories. Thank you and everyone who works here.

Ramen Tatsu-ya is a ramen eatery in Austin, Texas. A review in the Austin Chronicle from late last year called the menu "prizeworthy."

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