New High-Definition Mars Pictures Released From Curiosity Rover (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: New High-Def Images Beamed Back From Mars

NASA has released a series of new high-definition photos from Mars.

The images from the Martian surface were taken by different cameras on NASA's Curiosity rover over the past few weeks. The images depict the landing site, various features of Gale Crater, Mount Sharp and tracks created by the rover.

NASA has been releasing pictures since early August, when Curiosity landed on Mars. The first color photo, which was released on Aug. 7, had a hazy, poor quality, because the dust cover was coated with fine debris.

The new rich, high-resolution images include 360-degree color panoramas as well as animated GIFs.

Browse the latest photos released, including animated GIFs, and captions for each in the gallery below.


Mount Sharp

Mars Photos From NASA Curiosity

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