Former Ellis Island Ferry Renovated Into 5-Room Hotel (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: New York Harbor's Floating Hotel

A former New York harbor ferry has been converted into a floating hotel docked in Hoboken, New Jersey on the Hudson River.

The five-bedroom, 16-bunk hotel also comes equipped with a dining room, which looks to be in the former hull of the ship, the Daily News reports. The ship, which throughout its 105-year-history has been a ferryboat to Maine, patrolled Boston Harbor during WWI, brought immigrants from Manhattan to Ellis Island, and brought passengers to Governors and Liberty Islands.

Now a National Historic Place, the floating hotel has insane views of the Manhattan skyline...not far from an endangered landmark also in the Harbor: Ellis Island's former hospital complex.

And, if that floats your boat, you might want to check out some other floating hotels. There's the Beatles' yellow submarine hotel in Liverpool England, the QE2 that is destined to become a hotel in Dubai, and the in-the-works floating solar-powered hotel.

Photos courtesy of Navid Baraty.

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Ellis Island Ferry Hotel

Ellis Island Ferry Hotel