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A showdown at a ritzy South Florida hotel raises questions about who's going back to work after the coronavirus pandemic: veteran workers, or younger, cheaper replacements?
The Washington, D.C. hotel where the white nationalist group Proud Boys hangs out will shut its doors on Jan. 6 in anticipation of violence & chaos
Most candidates hold election night events in their home states. But by having his in Washington, Trump can help his hotel there benefit from the event.
A lobbyist brags about getting dozens of lawmakers to sing his industry's tune.
The pandemic will affect cleanliness protocols, the check-in process, buffets, minibars and more.
“It’s like someone taking your whole world away,” said an EMT who hasn’t held his kids in over a month to keep from exposing them.
Texas-based Ashford Inc., headed by Monty Bennett, said it applied for the small business funds in "good faith."
In an off the rails interview with CNN, Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman said casinos and hotels should open up, despite the threat of spreading coronavirus.
If you're a nature lover, here's where you should stay around the world.
The American Hotel & Lodging Association, whose members include Marriott and Hilton, said workers have received panic buttons and anti-harassment training.