New York Mets Pull Off Rare Putout After Hit Nails Pitcher In The Foot

Baseball fans, score this one as a 1-3-1 out. Yes, really.

It’s nearly September and the New York Mets are still atop the NL East standings. Crazy, right? The team, which hasn’t finished above .500 since last making the playoffs in 2008, continued their winning ways by beating the Philadelphia Phillies 9-5 on Thursday night in Philadelphia.

The game was a wild 13-inning affair, but the craziest play came in the 10th inning. Phillies outfielder Jeff Francoeur lined a hit off of Mets pitcher Carlos Torres’ foot, which ricocheted  away to first baseman Daniel Murphy, who tossed it back to a covering Torres. 

That was close! Did Murphy really get Francoeur in time?

Yup, he did. Amazin'.  Check out the full play below.


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