Mayor Harry Sidhu is quitting his post effective Tuesday, his lawyer, Paul S. Meyer, said in a statement Monday.
A statue of Jackie Robinson that stands outside the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium in New York City has reportedly been vandalized.
Over 70-plus years, Angell helped define The New Yorker’s urbane wit and style.
A handful of security guards struggled to catch the interloper, who even attempted to high-five Brewers batter Jace Peterson.
The DJ and producer brought back memories of another star’s botched throw.
"They didn't miss," Boston Red Sox starter Nathan Eovaldi said after a battering by the Houston Astros.
The Hall of Fame hoopster tried to get in the swing against pitching great Pedro Martinez.
After the rodent run-in, the visiting New York baseball team scored two additional runs to break a tie with the Washington Nationals.
The two appeared to be an arguing couple, and Gary Cohen did some Hall of Fame riffing.
“If you’re not in the lineup, just be ready, you’re going to hit a home run today,” San Diego Padres catcher Jorge Alfaro reported his mom said.