"The Daily Show" host tried to make the ex-president a fan after he lashed out at baseball for moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia.
Akil Baddoo of the Detroit Tigers had never played above Single-A ball.
The city was also set to host the league’s 2021 draft.
"It's just one of those funky plays that I don't think is gonna happen again this year," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said.
The president told ESPN he would support the athletes if they pushed to have the baseball game relocated.
“We’re very confident we won’t be a super-spreader event,” co-owner Neil Leibman said.
Caleb Pendleton of Florida Atlantic University made a grand debut.
The executive criticized players' English and said his star third baseman was "overpaid."
During his media career, Gomez covered more than 25 World Series.