A Pennsylvania man has struck out in his attempt to bring a 5-foot-long gator to a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.
The Cleveland Guardians manager said his beloved scooter was "officially put on ice" before baseball fans honored him Wednesday night.
The team remembered Robinson as an “integral part of our Orioles Family since 1955” in a tribute online.
Duane Kuiper's TMI slip came after the half-inning was over, and the broadcast was presumably cutting to a commercial.
The ESPN star showed he has the perfect arm ... for sports commentary.
As of Tuesday night, Tom Willis had thrown the first pitch at 29 different Major League Baseball stadiums, with just one more to go.
Tom Willis was born without hands and arms. In his quest to show the abilities of people with disabilities, he has set out to throw the opening pitch at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.
The bird then seemed to do a victory lap around the stadium as fans cheered.
The two fans were detained after the brief altercation, and the Braves went on to beat the Colorado Rockies 14-4.
Investigators are unclear whether shots were fired from outside or inside the ballpark, the White Sox said in a statement after the shooting.