Hey, Nerds, The New York Public Library Just Put 300,000 Books On An App For You

Now you have no excuse not to read on the subway.

Getting lost in the vast stacks of the iconic New York Public Library, picking out a book that strikes your fancy, cuddling up with your new adventure and feeling your heart skip a beat as you flip to the first page ― there’s an app for that!

The New York Public Library just released an app called SimplyE, bringing 300,000 titles from the mecca of letters to your phone, if you have a library card.

If you do, you can simply head to the app to check your desired book’s availability and download it for free, right to your phone. (Added bonus: Books in the public domain are available for permanent download.)

There are a limited amount of licenses for each book, so if you have your eye on a popular choice, you may have to wait until it’s back “in stock” to read it. But you can always reserve a book and download it when it’s available. You just might want to act fast — buzzy new release The Girls by Emma Cline already has 822 people in the hold line.

You can download the app now for iOS and Android. Get reading, you big, beautiful nerd, you. If you’re outside the NYC area, search to see whether your local library has a similar system.

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