Nick Offerman’s Face On The Cast Of ‘Full House’ Looks Like A Horror Movie Trailer

The former “Parks and Recreation” star called the deepfake of the sitcom’s opening credits his “career peak.”

Everywhere you look is a nightmare.

Video creator DrFakenstein, who is known for producing “deepfake” videos that are digitally altered to look realistic, released an unsettling creation on Tuesday. The bizarre crossover features the opening credits of “Full House” edited so that the cast members’ faces are replaced with a mustachioed Nick Offerman — who famously played Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation.”

The creepy video, titled “Full House of Mustaches,” is the sitcom mashup that no one asked for and can never be unseen.

People on Twitter were clearly weirded out by the video, but not too disturbed to crack a few jokes.

Offerman himself even responded to the video with his wry sense of humor.

“Dear Dr. Fakenstein, thank you for my career peak.”

This, however, is not the first time DrFakenstein has targeted ABC’s “TGIF” sitcom lineup from the 1990s. In June, DrFakenstein’s YouTube channel posted a video in which Mike Tyson’s face is swapped onto the cast of “Family Matters.”

Keanu Reeves has even gotten the DrFakenstein treatment.

Now excuse us while we buy a night light to help ease the fear that a terrifying Michelle Tanner/Ron Swanson creature will pop out from under our beds and force us to drink Lagavulin 16 until we say, “You got it, dude!”