Nike Quits Chamber Of Commerce Board Of Directors

Nike will step down from its position on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's board of directors, reports Politico.

The company will not, however, drop its membership in the chamber entirely, saying that it plans to "advocate for climate change legislation" from within the organization.

Nike explained its decision to resign from the board of directors in a statement posted on the Natural Resources Defense Council Web site.

We believe on the issues of climate change the chamber has not represented the diversity of perspectives held by the board.

We will continue our membership to advocate for climate change legislation inside the committee structure and believe that we can better influence policy by being a part of the conversation.

The New York Times reports that Nike stepped down from the chamber's board on the same day that the Senate is set to unveil its climate change bill.

Other companies, including Exelon Corp. and Pacific Gas & Electric have left the chamber, citing its stance on climate change.