Nina Dobrev's 'Funny Or Die' LA Skit Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

"Why would they schedule Easter during Coachella?" 😂

Former “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev recently teamed up with Funny or Die for a skit about Los Angeles, and the result is surprisingly entertaining. 

The video, aptly titled “Overheard LA with Nina Dobrev,” features Dobrev as an ignorant, snooty La La Land native talking to a friend in a café. Her comments are hilariously obnoxious and basic. It starts out with her questioning, “Why would they schedule Easter during Coachella?”

Other golden comedy moments include, “You can’t be vegan in jail,” and “It sucks that Van Gogh died before his paintings went viral.” Another laugh-out-loud moment happened when she said, “We only dated for 11 Instagrams!”

Check out the full video below. 

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