Rude NYC Fights To Regain NYC's 'Rudest' Title

Recently Travel and Leisure named its top ten rudest cities in the country, and, amazingly, New York City did not win. Los Angeles did.

Naturally, the citizens of this angry and selfish city were not going to sit idly by while its birthright was stolen by a much happier, clearly friendlier place (you don't even have a winter, LA!). In that vein, Rude NYC was born. The blog was founded after the Travel and Leisure story hit, and is a city-wide compendium of rude moments, from the too-common subway seat fight to, well, this: "Woman is crying on the phone, walking slowly holding up sidewalk traffic, man decides to cut her off and says 'GET OVER IT!'"

The site has made so much noise that even the source of the problem, Travel And Leisure, recently took notice.

The site is brand-new, so if you are witness to daily moments such as these, and want to contribute to the 1970's image of this city as a brusque and unfriendly place, then submit your observations to, or just read more at