NYPD Cracks Down On Speeders

The NYPD announced Wednesday that officers issued a total of 736 speeding tickets to motorists this past weekend across all five boroughs as part of a new initiative to crack down on speeders.

Drivers in Queens were issued the most summonses with a staggering 266 tickets written for speeding infractions during the Oct. 11-13 speed trap project. Bronx drivers came in second with 213 total tickets and Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island drivers followed with 113, 97 and 47 tickets respectively.

The weekend initiative is the latest attempt by the NYPD to ticket speeders. Earlier this fall, the city installed speed cameras, created 14 neighborhood "slow zones" (and are currently trying to finalize another 15), and installed 910 additional speed bumps across the city.

Fines from speeding tickets range from $90 to $600 and can result in 3-11 penalty points on your license.

The NYPD also announced that traffic fatalities have decreased 30 percent over the last 10 years, but speeding is still the cause of most collisions. In New York City, the speed limit is 30 mph on local streets unless otherwise noted and it is against the law to exceed 50 mph in the city.



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