Obama Girl Is Back, And She's Ready For That 3 A.M. Phone Call

Perhaps feeling threatened by the hotness of Bill Richardson's beard, Obama Girl is back with a brand-new video wherein she once again declares herself Barack Obama's most devoted fan wearing the least clothes. In this installment, O-Girl pleads with Hillary Clinton to stop the negative campaigning (because it is so totally all her) and join her and Obama in uniting the party.* Funnier moments: Table-dancing before Hillary in the diner where the Clintons shot that Sopranos spoof; comforting her in that infamous tear-up moment; importing Bill Clinton for a musical cameo; dancing with Obama on Ellen; being in a bikini, a pair of shortie-shorts and a negligee. Also, fairly wicked lyrics invoking powerful arguments from delegate math to Dukakis ("These attacks are insane/They just help John McCain"). Clearly, the fate of the Democratic party lies in her hands! Decide whether "her" refers to Hillary or Obama Girl and then exercise your democratic right to watch the video — at this point it's more like a civic duty, really.

Note that this is Obama Girls' first video since she was featured on Saturday Night Live. Also note that this is Obama Girl's first video since "It's Raining McCain" but we're guessing the two are not related. Also note her alpha-assertion of pride of place: She was there before Chris Matthews felt a thrill run up his leg, there before Bill Richardson cut his vacation short to come back and endorse, there before and the gang sang that yes, they could. Obama Girl, pioneer!

*Actual singing done by Leah Kaufman.