Obama, Slurpees And The 'Official Beverage Of Obstructionist Republican Leaders' (VIDEO)

Friday was not just a day of staff shakeups for Obama, it was also a day for the President to rally Maryland Democrats by making his 20th reference to Republicans sitting by idly, sipping on Slurpees while Democrats tried to haul the country out of a deep recession.

Nobody is quite sure what makes the President so prone to invoking the slushy, sugary refreshment -- especially now, when the passage of Washington's hot and sweaty summer weather and the onset of fall might be leading many to think about hot chocolate instead of iced beverages.

CBS News Radio White House correspondent Mark Knoller noted the frequency with which Obama brought up Slurpees and decided that the President had made them "the official beverage of obstructionist Republican leaders."

According to Knoller, also apparently a Slurpee aficionado, he spoke with 7-Eleven representatives who told him they were unaware that Obama was giving their product such high-powered name recognition.