Patriot Guard Riders Protect Tornado Victim Nicolas McCabe's Funeral From Westboro Baptist Protestors (PHOTO)

LOOK: Bikers Stand Up To Westboro Protestors In Oklahoma

A group of bikers, the Patriot Guard Riders, stood guard yesterday against Westboro Baptist protestors who threatened to picket the funeral of 9-year-old Moore, Okla. tornado victim Nicolas McCabe.

Westboro tweeted their plans to protest the funeral on Thursday morning.

A local Facebook user who goes by Oklahoma Biker called upon the Patriot Guard Riders to protect Nicolas' family from the protestors in a post that went viral:

There is a family needing help on Friday..too keep Westboro church from coming too there child's funeral..They are just asking friends too stand and try too block the westboro church..I said I would come and stand and then thought of you..This is real family..child is a tornado victim..I'm not sure..I can post on your wall ask for friendship..was told full and too get on following..

The response was powerful.

Reddit user darsilmaos posted this photo on Friday with the caption, "Westboro decided to come protest in Moore Ok. This is part of what met them."

Although the Westboro Baptist protestors were ultimately a no-show according to online news source, spectators following the story on Twitter counted this as a victory for Moore citizens.

Westboro has made similar attempts following the Boston and Newtown tragedies, but were foiled both times by good Samaritans.

Via Reddit

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