Older Lesbians Try Out 'New Lesbian' Slang And It's Hilarious

Turns out, “U-Hauling” is intergenerational.

Three older lesbians try their best at defining slang phrases popular among younger members of their community in a cheeky new video.

Released Thursday by Grindr’s online lifestyle magazine, INTO, the clip sees the women ― Belita, Phyllis and Sabel ― responding to terms like “pillow princess,” “girl crush” and “gold star.”

Turns out, the phrases “scissoring” and “U-Hauling” transcend generations.

INTO released a similar video last month, which saw older gay men also offering off-the-cuff responses to slang terms used by their younger counterparts. That clip quickly went viral, and had been viewed more than 359,000 times on YouTube as of Thursday afternoon.

As with its predecessor, the new clip showcases the benefits of intergenerational reflection within the LGBTQ community.

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