Opening Up to Your Inner Wisdom

Opening Up to Your Inner Wisdom
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Get back on track spiritually

The spiritual password is there for us always -- an opportunity to get back into the flow of listening to our heart of hearts and getting on track in our everyday life. We usually have this contact as children, but tend to lose it along the way -- unfortunately. Our book The Spiritual Password is out TODAY, and is a self-exploring book where you may get in contact with your true essence through easy, yet profound exercises. It's often the case that when we re-experience something that once was natural to us it feels as if we're just imagining things. Or we may have learned that if we want something in life, we have to fight for it, and our heart's messages seem to come too easily, so we disregard them. If you're one of these people, know that there is a different way of living where you can create your life with ease, through love for yourself in companionship with the Spiritual Password. Elisabeth Nordeng had this experience:

Knowing the Spiritual Password made me remember who I am. I asked many existential questions from an early age like; What is the meaning of life? Where do I come from? What happens when I die? I never found the answers in my surroundings. Nobody I knew wanted to know the answers to these questions. I felt different and became insecure. In rediscovering the language of my heart through the Spiritual Password, I managed to receive the answers to my questions, I started receiving universal information and inspiration and felt at home and safe in the world, part of a whole.

The more you use the Spiritual Password, the more you will understand your heart and dare to have honest contact with it. This may result in you starting to live your life according to what serves you and walking your spiritual path. Some people are afraid that listening to their truth will make them change their lives entirely and therefore shut it out, because they aren't ready for it. This is of course a choice, but since there is fear there, it might be interesting, if you find yourself in this position, to ask your heart to show you when the fear of being your true self came into your life and what triggered it. Your heart will never force you to do anything you aren't ready for, because it responds from the divine spark of unconditional love like Princess Märtha Louise discovered:

When I started incorporating the Spiritual Password into my life and actively listening to my heart, it changed my life considerably. From being a full-time equestrian at international level, I became a spiritual teacher and author. The steps I was asked to take were always within what I could manage, although the change was considerable. I now know that when I dare to listen to what my heart tells me, I will always walk my spiritual path, be safe and have immense fun... and just enough challenges along the way.

The Spiritual Password is like a language we might not consciously have used for a long time. Using it daily helps us get to the heart of it, and our vocabulary may widen. At first we might get just a slight feeling of peace, for example, when contacting our heart, but when we've used the Spiritual Password for a while, it might widen to include a certain color, or maybe an additional message in words or through knowing. The meditation to find the Spiritual Password to the heart only takes a few minutes and can be a great start to the day. The next step is to move from only listening to our heart in meditation to being open to listening to it in everyday life.

This is a process that is different for every person. Usually when we discover the Spiritual Password, it becomes easier to recognize the messages of the heart in everyday life too, though in the beginning, they can be hard to perceive. A feeling, for example, will often be vague, and we won't recognize it for what it is, because we've ignored impulses like this for many years. But if, from now on, every time we get this little nudge we react to it, our heart will know that we've started to pay attention and will gradually strengthen the connection. So, the next time we're in a similar situation, the feeling might be stronger, or we may recognize it more.

Through this connection with the heart, the Spiritual Password can assist us in every aspect of life, from the large decisions, like what direction to take, to the smaller details of everyday life, such as what our body would like for dinner tonight. Use it and ask your heart. Get used to listening to your heart when you have a break during the day, when you're in the shower or when you're doing your everyday chores. It only takes a moment. Listening to your heart will put you into loving mode. It will help you start creating your life from love and attract even more love into your life through both giving and receiving love. Once you've made the connection, you can use the Spiritual Password at will. The password may differ, as a computer connection does with different modems, but simply pay attention and you'll be able to find the Spiritual Password straight away.

Here is a little prayer to help you on your way to better communicating with your heart. It is great to say it every morning when you get up, to set the standard -- or set the energy -- for the day.

"Dear heart of hearts,
Thank you for your communication with me.
I am open to listening to you in whatever form you may
communicate, whether it is through feeling, seeing, hearing,
smelling, knowing or tasting. I know communication with you
puts me back on my spiritual path and I thank you for it.
I am safe and dare to be open to my inner light and let it shine
in the world, and I know you can help me with this."


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