Paralympics 2012 Ad 'Meet The Superhumans' Is Graphic For Good Reason (VIDEO)

In every Paralympic athlete’s life, there is that one earth-shattering moment –- the one that steals any chance of leading a normal life.

And those working to promote the Paralympic Games want to make sure you take a good hard look at it. (H/T AdWeek).

In Channel 4’s adrenalin pumping, unapologetically graphic 90-second spot, the producers invite you to stare at the stump of a one-legged runner and the eyes of the blind swimmer as they hit the Paralympic stage with unstoppable force.

“We really didn’t want to shoot around the particular physical attributes of these athletes and their disabilities,” Director Tom Tagholm told Channel 4. “We wanted to absolutely embrace all of that –- their stance, the ways they’ve adapted to their sport, the ways that they use their bodies.”

But the moving images of these tenacious athletes ramming into one another’s wheelchairs and pumping their hand cranks in the pouring rain are overtaken midway by the harsh circumstances that forever changed these athletes’ lives.

A car flips over on a highway. A solemn pregnant woman paces at the hospital. A soldier is thrown back by an explosion on the battlefield.

By interspersing these dark memories with all of the goose bump-inducing, inspirational heart pumping action you could ever ask for in a commercial, the producers remind viewers that the finish line at the Games is not where this story starts or ends.

“What I wanted to do though was just get a flashback moment –- to show that it’s a part of what they are now and a part of their physicality,” Tagholm told the news outlet. "I didn’t want to dwell on it, just to give a hint, a moment of just how tough these characters have had to be."

Click through the slideshow below to see even more inspiring images of Paralympic athletes.

Inspiring Paralympians