Melodramatic Parrot Has Mastered The Art Of Arguing Like A Divorced Couple

After living with a couple who got divorced, it seems this melodramatic parrot has learned a thing or two about picking a fight.

According to Elaine Sigmon of North Carolina, her Moluccan cockatoo Peaches once belonged to a couple who has since broken up. Today, the bird often breaks into loud (and possibly expletive-laden) tirades, dramatically moving her head from side to side as she screeches and "argues."

Sigmon told The Huffington Post that she thinks Peaches probably picked up her penchant for bickering from her previous owners.

"We had Peaches for several days when one afternoon she began ranting and raving as if blessing someone out," she said. "My husband, Don, was sitting in the chair near her perch and she began to aggressively point her head toward him just like someone pointing their finger while arguing ... We're not sure what she is saying, but she is really giving her opinion."

Sigmon says the bird typically launches into one of these rants "once or twice a day." Fortunately, the pet owner says that she and her husband find the parrot's antics "hilarious."

Hey, it beats "Polly want a cracker."

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