'Party Down' Reunion On 'Children's Hospital' (VIDEO)

Are we having fun yet?

Well, we were, for about 35 seconds of "Party Down" reunion joy. But given its tragic cancellation after the 2010 season, well, we'll take what we can get.

The cast of the cult favorite Starz show (sans lead Adam Scott) put on the caterer costumes one more time on an episode of "Children's Hospital" on Thursday night, serving families at a Bar Mitzvah (and serving the audience with some pretty blatant stereotypes that, had they not been on this show, would be pretty offensive).

The reunion was clearly something the cast wanted to do; speaking to The Huffington Post in April, star Lizzy Caplan described just how much she loved the show.

"It sucks so bad, I don't understand. Still sometimes I'll see portions of episodes -- I've never wanted to watch something I'm in, and I can't get enough of watching that show," she said. "It's just beyond me that our tiny show that cost no money to make was too much of a burden on Starz."

It was a tasty morsel of life for fans starving for more from the failed actors/Hollywood caterers, and, hopefully, gets momentum going for the oft-teased movie version that is floating around somewhere in the pre-production ether of industry promises.

"Yes, it's something that we all really want to do," Caplan said of making a film. "People are busy with their television shows and whatnot, but it's definitely something that we all want to do, so I think we'll do everything we can to make it happen."