Paul The Octopus, World Cup Genius, Makes Another Pick (PHOTOS)

Amazing Octopus Tries ForSuccessful World Cup Pick

Paul, an octopus in Oberhausen, Germany, gained notice around the world last week by blowing away soccer fans with his wise World Cup picks. The marvelous mollusk accurately predicted the outcome of all of Germany's group play matches -- including the country's stunning loss to Serbia -- by choosing between two mouthwatering mussels, one for Germany and one for its opponent.

Last week, the German guru navigated split allegiances (he was born in the United Kingdom) and successfully picked Germany to beat England. As if on cue, the German squad trounced their English opponents on Sunday.

Paul is now attempting to make an astonishing fifth consecutive correct pick. The football forecaster thinks that Germany will beat Argentina in the World Cup quarterfinals, in what could be the country's toughest match yet. The amazing octopus's power of prediction will be tested on Saturday, when the two teams face off. Scroll down for pictures and a video of Paul at work.


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