Tourists Pretend To Hold Up The Leaning Tower Of Pisa (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Tourists Acting Stupid, A Montage

Ok, we've had enough. We've seen far too many photos of tourists doing stupid things to not say something about it.

Calf-high socks. Fanny packs. Startlingly white sneakers. Standing in the middle of the street with a map out. Living in New York, we've seen it all. We can only imagine how other cities with famous landmarks might feel.

The poor people of Pisa have been stuck for centuries with the large leaning tower in the middle of their city. Why wouldn't you, as a tourist, want to take a photo of yourself "pushing against it" or "holding it up"?

Thus begins a new series we'd like to call: Tourists Acting & Looking Stupid. First up, a slideshow essay of visitors at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Tourists 'Holding' Up The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

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