What is the Best Local Food Story in America?

What's The Best Local Food Story In America?
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The Perennial Plate has been creating weekly videos about Real Food in Minnesota for the past year. Today we released our 52nd video: a trailer for our upcoming project. This spring I will be traveling across the country for 6 months, documenting stories about good food in America. Each week we will be filming, editing and releasing unique short films and for that we need your help. We want this cross country film project to be made up of the stories from your friends, farmers and neighbors. So, if you have an opinion about what good food is? Submit a story. Know of an incredible farmer, fisherman, gardener? Let us know.

This project isn't going to be possible without you, beyond stories, we also are setting a fundraising goal of $20K. So check out the trailer for the trip and go to our new website, submit a story or DONATE. Get involved in any way... and perhaps we can meet up along the way.

For more videos, visit www.theperennialplate.com

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