Peter Petroske, Michigan Catholic Priest, Suspended After Alleged Naked DUI

After a Catholic priest allegedly drove through Dearborn, Mich., intoxicated and naked, the Archdiocese of Detroit has put him under indefinite suspension.

Rev. Peter Petroske, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, was arrested late Thursday night, according to the Detroit News, and faces charges of disorderly/obscene conduct and operating while intoxicated.

When he was arrested, Petroske was alone in the vehicle with a laptop, according to the Detroit Free Press, and was just over the legal limit.

His arrest didn't stop him from performing Mass to his parishioners on Sunday, according to WDIV, before the Archdiocese learned about incident.

In a statement, the archdiocese said, "this is a difficult time for the parish community, and we ask for prayers for all who are impacted.”

While the pastor's arrest is likely troublesome to Sacred Heart parishioners, it's not the first time a priest has been accused of public exposure. In January, a Maryland priest was arrested after he was found nude from the waist down in an adult bookstore movie theater.

According to Dearborn Press and Guide, Petroske worked in eight Michigan churches in his career, beginning at Sacred Heart in 2008. His bio says he was born in Germany.

Retired priest Rev. Robert Blondell will take over at Sacred Heart.

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