Petter Kverneng Promised Sex For 1 Million Facebook Likes: Norway Boy's High School Crush Makes Indecent Proposal


Meanwhile, in Norway... Petter Kverneng and his long-time crush Cathrine Johansen are about to discover a really important life lesson. That lesson's name is Google.

Remember when those adorable kids begged for one million Facebook likes so that their parents would get them a puppy? Well, Kverneng's story is significantly less heart-warming, except, perhaps, to "bros" the world over.

According to Gawker, Kverneng, 20, convinced his high school crush Johansen to have sex with him if he, too, gets one million likes on Facebook. The post with the above image, titled "Please, help me get laid," had over 1.2 million likes as of this filing.

Though Kverneng explained to a local news outlet that it started out as a joke for their friends, he also reportedly stated that if he hit the magic number then they would indeed hit the proverbial it.

Remember, kids, condoms don't protect against search engines.



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