Amazing Decal Costumes For 'Blank' Cab Figures

Next time you're faced with a street full of cabs, take a closer look at their side doors. Notice the lonely black and yellow stick figure blankly stating the $3 initial fare? It could be wearing a Karl Lagerfeld costume, or be Mr. T.

Innovative (and anonymous) artist "The Tailor" was sick of seeing nothing but naked stick figures in advertisements, bathroom doors and cabs, so this taxi-prankster decided to help out the little guys on NYC taxis by giving them little nifty costumes. The stickers are based on a template and there are currently 10 designs in production (with 10 more on the way). The Tailor's designs include notable New Yorkers like Zeus, Wonder Woman, The Statue Of Liberty, Waldo, and Moses.

We asked "The Tailor" how stickers ended up on the cabs, and how cab drivers felt about them:

The majority of the stickers are put on without permission while the cabs are parked, so I haven't truly seen the reaction. But I've heard that a lot of the cabbies like them when they see them. Obviously some won't, but you can't please everyone. :)

Take a look at this gallery of stickers that are brightening NYC's streets: