PinPointsX App Helps You Score With Strangers

PinPointsX App Helps You Score With Strangers

In the age of smartphones, booty 'call' has become a bit of a misnomer: for years now, we've been texting, emailing, and even Facebooking our way to romantic encounters.

Now, there's yet one more high-tech way to help you score: an iPhone app, called PinPointsX, which 'points you to passion' by using your current location to map out potential hook ups near you.

The app, created by an adult-social-networking site, pinpoints 'erotic partners' (aka 'sensual resources') who've indicated they're interested in a romantic rendez-vous onto a 'Passion Map.'

'PinPointsX allows me to enjoy the few hours of spare time that I have in my busy schedule. Have you ever been short on time and wanted to meet someone without going to sleazy bars?' a female narrator in PinPointsX's introductory video explains.Thrillist outlines how the app works:

Set up's simple: create a profile online (with pic, age/weight/body stats, who you're "seeking", kink interests, etc.), download the app, and up'll pop a "Passion Map" dotted with icons representing nearby compatibles (complete w/ profile info), as well as those of "professional" members, who're either bearded French assassins hellbent on protecting Natalie Portman, or women of the night. Probably women of the night.

If you find someone who fits the bill, send her/him them a message and then, provided s/he accepts your 'Interaction Request', you can arrange to meet. PinPointsX will even provide you with suggestions on places (motels, hotels, etc.) where you and your 'sensual resource' can conduct your romantic tryst.

Once you've 'scored,' the app allows you to rate your partner on a range of topics, and even add the best of the bunch to a 'My Fling' list.

PinPointsX has only a handful of reviews on iTunes. Some rave the app is a 'Grindr for straight folks,' and give it a full five-star rating, while another reviewer laments s/he 'can't find anyone.'

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