Snow Reveals A Statue’s Dark Side By Turning It Into Darth Vader

The farce is strong with this one.

Jako że nowe wcielenie Jakuba Wejhera bardzo Wam się spodobało, wrzucamy jeszcze jedno ujęcie naszego Vadera :) Niech...

Posted by on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Who knew Jakub Wejher, a 17 century Polish nobleman and military leader, was so tall, Darth and handsome?

A statue of Wejher, that stands in Wejherowo, Poland, -- the town he founded -- was blanketed in snow a few days ago. That’s when Artur Hutnik from the town’s local newspaper,, decided to snap a shot and compare the nobleman to the Sith Lord.

The paper posted the funny picture to its Facebook and Instagram pages, and it was an instant hit for the publication, receiving over 2,000 likes on Facebook and 335 likes on Instagram.

This is not the first time a modern Slavic city has compared a statue to the "Star Wars" villain.

In October, a controversial statue of Vladimir Lenin that stood in the Ukrainian city of Odessa got a facelift when an artist replaced the Soviet founding father’s head with the head of Luke and Leia’s dad.

How Darth InVAsive, Odessa!

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