Rabbit Farms (VIDEO): The Newest Trend In Urban Farming?


Are we in the midst of a rabbit revolution? Rabbit farming is increasingly being viewed as an economically logical meat choice. Good touted the sustainability of rabbit farming, calling them the new "urban chickens," while The New York Times explored rabbit-killing seminars for city dwellers without much experience who are looking to start farming.

Food Curated's Liza de Guia visited one farm that many New York City chefs turn to for local rabbit: John Fazio's Rabbit Farm. The tour of the farm is interesting-- Fazio seems invested in keeping his rabbits healthy, and he runs a clean factory that operates on a large scale. This doesn't necessarily indicate a boom in rabbit consumption beyond the niche interest that currently exists, as many are unable to get past the idea of raising rabbits, an animal that holds a place in our pet culture, for slaughter. Morrissey, who is a vegan, recently lent his support to a Four Paws campaign, "Rabbits Out Of Cages!", against commercial rabbit farming.

For a meat eater, however, is there anything morally different about eating say pig over rabbit?

WATCH de Guia's tour of Fazio's rabbit farm:

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