Rachel Maddow Calls Out Obama On "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Obama On "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (VIDEO)

Reacting to yesterday's decision by the Supreme Court to not hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the military's longstanding "don't ask don't tell" policy, Rachel Maddow featured a segment that broadly called the Obama administration's oft-stated commitments to ending the practice into question.

Maddow points out that the case itself doesn't hurt the cause of ending DADT. Advocates for a change in policy were of the mind that the Supreme Court challenge would not be a game-changer. Nevertheless, Maddow opined that the case was "a big deal" because for all of President Barack Obama's past advocacy in support of ending DADT, he now has a lawyer of his very own arguing that the policy is "rationally related to the government's legitimate interest in military discipline and cohesion."

Which is, of course, ridiculous. All "don't ask don't tell" is, is a policy by which everyone pretends that the gay and lesbian soldiers that are already serving in the military aren't really there, and that everything is okay provided that those gay and lesbian soldiers agree to participate in the Grand Shenanigan of Pollyanna Pretense. So, no, Mr, President. No, Mr. President's lawyer. No. No. And, no. It simply cannot be said that "don't ask don't tell" is rationally related to a single blessed thing.


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