Rachel Maddow Skewers Fox News For Trayvon Martin Protests Coverage (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow tore into Fox News for what she called the network's illogical outrage.

Fox News reported on a conspiracy theory in which conservative watchdog Judicial Watch alleged to have obtained documents that detailed "the role the Department of Justice played in organizing Trayvon Martin protests" soon after the teen was killed last year.

After playing a clip of a Fox News segment discussing how the Department of Justice "was involved in helping to organize anti-George Zimmerman protests last year," Maddow reacted:

"In the real world, the Department of Justice sent officials to meet with protesters, city officials and law enforcement to try to keep all the protests peaceful," she said. "And if they were supposed to be there in secret, they probably wouldn't have worn the T-shirts that said "DOJ" on them when they went to all these meetings. So yes, the protests about the verdicts have basically been peaceful and emotional demonstrations. Yes, the Justice Department planned to help keep protests peaceful. And yes, Fox News is going to be outraged about all of that, all the time, even if in this case its outrage would logically seem to be self-canceling."



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