Rachel Maddow On Navy Yard Shooting: 'It Did Not Used To Be This Way' (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow made a very sober revelation on the heels of the Navy Yard shooting on Monday.

A gunman opened fire on the Washington Navy Yard Monday morning. Thirteen people, including the gunman, were killed. Maddow lamented the news — and that mass shootings seem to have become "a regular part of our news expectations" — on her show.

The MSNBC host compared the twelve worst shootings in American history in which twelve people or more were killed, and noted that the first six spanned fifty years but the latter six took place over the course of just six years, a trend she described as "the bloodshed of half a century compressed into this blink of time."

Maddow pointed out that both the Aurora and Newtown shootings happened in 2012. Later, she continued:

We have long been mystified when it comes to understanding the motivations of the super violent and we seem just as mystified now about how to stop them in the first place. Whether or not you like the idea of additional gun regulations, if you thought that Newtown, Columbine and more was going to lead to meaningful regulations, if you thought they might affect the regulation just as they relate to mental illness, you are still waiting for those changes. If you have been thinking that we live in an era that is more marked by this type of mass bloodshed than any era before, I am sad to tell you you are right. It did not used to be this way, but more and more, this is part of how we live.



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