Heavy Rain Floods University's Library Canteen In Just 2 Minutes

Video shows students scrambling their books together as the water poured in.

It took just over two minutes for torrential rain to completely flood a university library’s canteen in South Korea.

Video posted online that’s now going viral shows rainwater bursting through the ceiling of the eatery in the basement of Yonsei University, in Seoul on July 1.

Watch the video here:

What starts as a small trickle in just one corner of the eatery escalates out of control after a section of the ceiling falls down. Terrified students are seen wading their way through the water to grab their books, before leaving.

Jahun Yoo posted the footage to Facebook on the same day, with the caption: “A real situation.” The clip is going viral this weekend.

Monsoon rains reportedly sparked the flooding, which saw up to 4 inches fall in the country’s capital. The university has not commented on the incident. The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.