The World's Largest Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Can Be Yours

It weighs more than the average newborn kitten.

A riddle for you: Which weighs more? A pound of feathers, a pound of bricks or two half-pound Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

They all weigh the same, of course. The difference is that the chocolate candy would make the most desirable holiday gift of the three. Luckily, this is no hypothetical gift. You really can purchase a package of two half-pound Reese's. Yes, something you believed to only exist as fantasy is tangible, tastes as good as you'd hope and costs only $9.99. The gargantuan peanut butter treat has been available around the holidays for the past couple of years.

If you are struggling to imagine the size of this tremendous, one-pound confection, just look at how it compares to everyday items.

Here is the half-pound cup beside an itty bitty almond.

And here it is next to a granny smith apple.

This is the half-pound Reese's by the side of an adult-sized glove.

And here it is placed by a plastic grasshopper.

These super-sized chocolates are no gimmick; taste is not compromised for size. Just look -- it has an incredibly thick layer of peanut butter. It is the stuff of dreams.

Because of their heft, each individual 8-ounce Reese's comes in a plastic cup sturdier than the waxy paper that envelops an average-sized Reese's Cup. And, fear not. The individual cup maintains those iconic Reese's ridges. Texture shall not be compromised.

True Reese's enthusiasts might consider slathering the cup with a bit of Reese's Spreads. We tried exactly that and we'll never be the same.

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