Remembering Miami Snow; and the Newspapers

It snowed in Miami 39 years ago today. I remember it well, or maybe vaguely. I remember my father had a light blue Galaxy 500 car and I remember frost on the windows of the car.

I saved The Miami Herald and The Miami News from that day, I don't know where they are today, probably destroyed in Hurricane Andrew in 1992, but I do remember taking a photo of the Herald with the frosted car window behind it. That's somewhere, hopefully not destroyed by Andrew.

These newspapers look strange from back then, all black and white and simple looking, but this was still the hey-day of newspapers and they were both great papers. I also remember the South Dade News-Leader, the Hollywood Sun-Tattler (love that name), the Ft. Lauderdale News and Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (which is still around today along with the Miami Herald).

I didn't like the fact that the Ft. Lauderdale newspapers shared comics, you know, the same comics in both newspapers. I would buy the newspapers for the comics, so I felt cheated. But it would be nice to have all these newspapers around today, whether the comics were shared or not.

I also have the final edition of The Miami News somewhere, I think that was December 31, 1989. The end of my favorite decade and a great newspaper.