Robert C. Jacobs Arrested For Hammer Attack On Florida Starbucks

Man Goes On Hammer Rampage In Florida Starbucks

They must have forgotten to use soy: police say a man went on a rampage inside a Florida Starbucks on Tuesday, threatening employees and smashing a coffee machine and cake display with a hammer.

According to the arrest report, 30-year-old Robert C. Jacobs entered the Indian Harbour Beach Starbucks wearing a black ski mask and hoodie. Once inside, police say Jacobs started yelling at the employees behind the cashier and then walked behind the counter. While keeping his hands inside his sweatshirt, he continued to be verbally abusive to the Starbucks staff.

He then took out a hammer from his pocket just as one of the Starbucks patrons asked him to stop yelling, witnesses said, a distraction that allowed the two employees to flee out the back door.

According to police, Jacobs then took off his ski mask and approached the patron, bringing the hammer down toward the man as if he was going to strike him. But instead, Jacobs stopped and turned away, taking out his hammer-armed aggression on the nearby coffee machine, cake display, and front door.

In total, authorities say Jacobs and his hammer caused $1,000 in damage. Indian Harbour Beach Police tracked him down at his home, where they threatened to tase him if he did not surrender.

Jacobs, 30, has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a mask, one count of armed burglary, and one count of felony criminal mischief.

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