Two-Faced Romney

It's crunch time folks. Nov. 6 is tomorrow and it's one of the most important elections we've ever seen.

The candidates have debated, and they've spent the last few weeks traveling around the country making their final appeals for votes. The election had been the major news story, until last week, when Hurricane Sandy came and displaced thousands all over the Northeast.

After Sandy hit, President Obama laid aside his "campaign" hat and got right to his presidential duty, traveling throughout the area, assessing the damage and kicking FEMA into high gear. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, repackaged a campaign rally into a "relief event," which just happened to be held in the battleground state of Ohio.

The differing responses between President Obama and Mitt Romney have been what has set the two candidates apart for the duration of this election. President Obama has been on the front lines, helping people in need, while Mitt Romney has been content to speculate and spit rhetoric from the sidelines. He's praising relief efforts this week, but not too long ago, FEMA was on his long list of government expenditures to be sent to the chopping block.

Romney's flip-flopping on issues is nothing new. It is evident that Mitt Romney will say whatever it takes to gain votes -- even if it means flatly contradicting what he said just a few months ago. What makes this most recent flip-flop so significant is that it shows us exactly how a Romney administration would handle a disaster situation in the United States -- haphazardly and from the sidelines.

Americans are tired of Romney's inconsistency, and that's why UnitedNY has launched a new video highlighting Romney's inconsistent positions and demonstrating how his unsteady leadership would threaten America's progress.

Using Romney's own words, the video highlights his conflicting positions on abortion, health care options for women, and government's role in helping to create jobs. It also illuminates his backpedaling after video of his infamous "47 percent" comment from a private big-bucks fund-raiser was revealed. A copy of the video can be viewed here.

Romney has taken opposing positions on just about every issue of importance to Americans during his presidential campaign. There's no reason to believe anything he says, because he will say whatever is best for his own political benefit, as he's done throughout his political career. That's not the type of leadership that puts our country and its people first, and it would jeopardize progress for America's families.

Over just the past few months, Romney has gone from, "I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose," to "I am pro-life... I was simply wrong."

He famously told an audience of his one percent pals that 47 percent of Americans feel they are victims and will never will take personal responsibility and care for their lives. After that video went viral, he changed his tune, saying he was "completely wrong" and cared about everyone.

He also hasn't been able to get his story straight on jobs -- perhaps the greatest challenge facing America today. He once boldly proclaimed he would create 12 million jobs -- but he is also on record saying the government does not create jobs.

We don't need double talk like we have seen on the campaign trail and at the debates, where Romney ducked and dodged and didn't give the kind of straight talk we got from President Obama.

We cannot allow American jobs to be outsourced to China and other parts of the world as is happening to Sensata workers in Illinois and at other companies across the country.

And we cannot allow the election of a man who couldn't even travel to check on the folks whose lives have been turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy.

That's why we must turn out to the polls in droves and make sure Obama is re-elected. His consistency and willingness to stand on the front lines with the American people show the type of leadership he would continue to provide.

All of our lives depend on it.