Roy Cohn Is Dancing In Hell

Donald J. Trump "knows words." He knows words like "pussy", "grope", and any demeaning description of women you can think of. The only words he doesn't know are "decency","class" or real "remorse."

This latest "mic malfunction" was not unexpected or more despicable than his prior attacks on women, war heroes, their parents, Muslims or Mexicans. So why are we so surprised and outraged about this latest "kerfluffle?" I'm not in the least surprised. I"m yelling "told you so" from the rooftops.

Republicans are tearing their shirts, trying to figure out how to handle it. Cliche's abound...'You lie down with dogs, you get fleas, " comes to mind. But anyone who knows his mentor, Roy Cohn, whose mantra: "never apologize, never back down," can quote the venerable Joseph Welch , " At long last,have you left no sense of decency" was hurled at Joe McCarthy during what was then the ugliest era of political witch hunts that Roy Cohn was micro managing. He is now dancing in Hell, celebrating his protege.

Donald Trump has been indecent from the beginning of his candidacy. America has been dragged down into the gutter daily by his minions defending the indefensible and now it's reached critical mass? Well, no. His non apology through squinty eyes and the puffed orange visage was filled with rage and attack. He told us," See you on Sunday." You know what that means! Ugly dragging up of President Clinton's past and no backing down.

There is no coming back for us, folks. This is the future of American politics laid bare by a wannabe dictator who some voters find "refreshing?" "He says what other people are thinking" and what "politicians are afraid to say?" We are living in sad, ugly times. I weep for us.

I am waiting to see what politicians have to say now...other than the few from Utah who seem to have finally found the level to which they will NOT sink. And thank you Anna Navarro for your spunky righteous rage and rebuke.

Nothing less than complete repudiation will suffice. And to those who want to switch it over to kindergarten rhetoric like Sean Hannity...nannahnannahnannah..." her husband did worse," Roy is waiting for you down there.

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