Royal Baby Due Date Is Actually NEXT Week? Oy Vey... (VIDEO)

WATCH: We Might Have To Wait A Little Longer For The Royal Baby After All

We're.... going... crazy. Kate Middleton's initial rumored due date of July 13 has come and gone, and her second rumored due date, July 17, is almost upon us. When will the royal baby arrive and put us -- and all of the press and fans gathered around the Lindo Wing of Kate's birth hospital, St Mary's -- out of our misery?

Turns out the Duchess of Cambridge might not be having her baby until the middle of next week. NBC News has suggested we'll be miserable a little longer: Since Kate reportedly spent last weekend in Bucklebury with her parents, miles from the hospital, "that would suggest that she's at least not expecting her baby to come until next week," says NBC News Royal Contributor Camilla Tominey.

Next week? Haven't we waited long enough, Kate? Apparently not -- as NBC anchor Mandy Clark heard, "Kate's mum reportedly told friends that the baby will be a Leo, a star sign that only begins on July 23." All those stories suggesting ways for the duchess to induce labor aren't looking so silly, after all.

When do you think the royal baby will arrive? Watch NBC's coverage here and chime in on the Great Kate Wait debate!

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