Rush Limbaugh: Oprah Experienced Discrimination Because She's 'Overweight'

Limbaugh Doubles Down On Gross Oprah Comments

Rush Limbaugh repeated his claims on Tuesday that Oprah experienced discrimination while browsing at a store because she is "overweight."

Oprah recently recalled an encounter with a store clerk who refused to show her a handbag because she thought she couldn't afford it. On Friday, Limbaugh said the incident could be blamed on Oprah being "fat."

He doubled down on those comments on Tuesday. "Oprah is a plus size woman," Limbaugh said.

He continued: "You don't see a whole lot of really fashionable, wealthy, overweight women... unless you get into the frumpy 70s, 80s, but even then it's an exception to see a very wealthy, overweight fat woman, so the Oprah could have suffered a double whammy when it comes to discrimination."

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