Rye Barcott, Marine & Author, Fights Ethnic Violence With Carolina For Kibera NGO (VIDEO)

It started with a small seed, $26, and an idea. The seed took root and grew into Carolina for Kibera. What has blossomed in the fertile grounds of Kenya is a life-changing organization that supports over 5,000 youth and 40,000 patients.

Rye Barcott believes that talent is universal, opportunities are not. After serving as a Marine and travelling to one of the largest slums and sources of ethnic violence in the world, Kibera, he began a fruitful collaboration that became Carolina for Kibera. His investment of $26 in one of his neighbors, was transformed by her into the 3 story community based Tabitha clinic.

The NGO is focused on empowering local people and they believe that community problems are best solved by local leaders. One of their achievements is a soccer tournament structured to combat ethnic violence by requiring the teams to be comprised of ethnically diverse players.

Creating this organization was no easy feat and Rye shares his journey in his memoir "It Happened on the Way to War"

Watch the video above to learn more about Carolina for Kibera and Rye Barcott.