The proceeds from the sale of the art will go toward bringing clean water to the area.
Growing up in the slums of Kibera, my family couldn't afford to eat every day, let alone afford the $3 monthly tuition for
From remote resettlement to same-place resettlement, and from government-led upgrading to grassroots initiatives, it is clear that the debate on solutions for informal communities is a hotly contested one.
Gratitude despite any circumstances isn't easy. And so every time I look at the bracelet Peninnah gave me I think of what this gift revealed: gratitude that knows no bounds leads to openheartedness and openhandedness.
At GLAM4GOOD, we search for stylish brands that truly empower the human condition. It's now the trend for fashion companies to claim they're making a difference somehow, but when GLAM4GOOD takes a closer look, all we find is false marketing. With MADE, it's different.
Today is the International Day of the Girl. I want you to stand up at noon for every girl's right to tell her story. It sounds like a simple thing -- to stand up at noon. The action itself may be simple, but the statement and the intention behind the action is profound.
Together we will carry forward the stories of girls who could be and should be able to live out all of their dreams, for there are at least 523 million girls in the world who cannot read.
The growing urban slums are nowadays the invisible side of our global cities; movies can become an effective tool for changing this tendency by making these invisible stories visible to the public at large.
In the daily enterprise of living, the women of KCU have succeeded in etching out a near base-line existence in the slum
Reading aloud delivers a deep comfort for a child. In stories, they find a safe place to return to, and tools to navigate life. Books provide a risk-free environment to grapple with the world's big questions.
Considering the great benefits of broadband connectivity to individuals and businesses alike, it is crucial for developing countries to help build out broadband infrastructure.
Care for Kenya's new women's resource center will have the capacity to train and educate 180 women like Anne, each year, dramatically impacting the lives of these women and their children forever.
Remember, you've got 10 days left to get involved. We're looking for smart ideas in five areas: opportunity, which includes
I think girls should be given special care. I live in Kibera, a place where many girls are denied their rights. I would like each and every girl to have a bright future and depend on themselves.
It is good for girls to have a better education because they all deserve it. They also have to go to school so that they can have a better future to help their country. Education is the key to success.
His schooling was anything but promising. He went to an informal elementary school in Kibera known as Kisamu Ndogo Primary
She is real to me now. I want to send her things, meet her, talk to her, hug her. I see her; both she and her people feel real to me. In fact, I want to go to her. But that's silly, isn't it?
The NGO is focused on empowering local people and they believe that community problems are best solved by local leaders. One
I heard a Kenyan joke, "We don't have oil here in Kenya -- our people are our main exports." We all laughed, but the truth is, though Kenya has many great natural resources, the people are an amazing asset. I have yet to meet an ordinary person.