Sacha Baron Cohen Tricks A Pro-Gun Activist Into Putting A Dildo In His Mouth

"Who Is America?" teaches Dan Roberts a bizarre "defense" technique for protection from terrorist attackers.

Sacha Baron Cohen claimed a new victim on “Who Is America,” duping a gun rights advocate into putting a strap-on dildo into his mouth during a mock demonstration of a defensive maneuver. 

The episode featured Corey Lewandowski, the former campaign manager to President Donald Trump, and David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County. But it’ll likely be most remembered for someone not nearly as recognizable: Dan Roberts, president of a small pro-gun organization called Youth Shooters of America. 

In each episode, Cohen conducts interviews and performs demonstrations in disguise, including that of supposed Israeli terror expert Erran Morad, who “teaches” unwitting subjects how to protect themselves. In this case, Cohen donned a strap-on ― representing the attacker’s penis ― and got Roberts to drop to his knees as a potential beheading victim. 

Cohen, holding a sword in the air, then instructed Roberts to “identify the target” and “attack.”

Roberts put the strap-on in his mouth, bit down and yelled garbled orders to the attacker as well as the supposed other terrorists surrounding him.

“Drop your weapons,” Roberts shouted, ordering Cohen to walk backward and warning any other potential attackers not the follow them. “My mouth is big enough for two of these.” 

Cohen’s Morad character has been responsible for some of the show’s most memorable moments. In one segment, he duped former Alabama judge ― and failed Senate candidate ― Roy Moore with a supposed pedophile detector. In another, he got Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer (R) to bare his buttocks and scream racial epithets.

Spencer ultimately announced his resignation



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