Sally Yates Testimony Blows Trump Russia Scandal Wide Open

Former United States Attorney General Sally Yates testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday afternoon, blowing the Michael Flynn-Russia scandal wide open. Earlier this year, Flynn had resigned after it turned out he had lied to Vice President Pence about conversations with a Russian ambassador.

Yates had been made into an enemy by the Trump administration after speaking out against the Muslim ban and Flynn’s connections to Russia, but was able to reveal a good amount of information about the situation.

She stated that she had warned President Trump about Flynn, as well as revealing that Russia has had dirt on Flynn for a long time and would have been able to succeed in blackmailing him.

The Trump administration then blamed former President Obama for not vetting Flynn, despite the fact that Obama had also warned Trump about him in a private meeting in the Oval Office shortly after the election.

This is dangerous business that the first choice for National Security Advisor turned out to be a liar in the White House. With the growing connections to Russia among Trump administration officials, we can only wonder who will be next.