Sarah Palin For President: Because America Needs To Laugh Again (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin may be encouraging voters to rally behind Newt Gingrich, but if we had our way, she would reconsider her own run for the presidency.

After all, without Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and T-Paw, the GOP race has become a downright bore. How many times can we laugh at Mitt Romney stuttering or Newt Gingrich attempting to portray himself as an outsider? That's amateur hour, fellas.

No, for truly sublime campaign laughs, there's only one woman for the job: Sarah Palin. We don't know why she dropped out of the race so soon, but when she did she took a huge piece of comedic material with her: herself.

So we beg you, Sarah, please take a look at the video above and reconsider. This country -- and comedy -- needs you.

Narration by Darbi Worley, photos courtesy of Getty Images and Big Stock, music courtesy of Incompetech.