Nobody's Safe In Season 3 Of 'Scandal'

Bad news gladiators, none of your favorites are safe!

ABC's "Scandal" has never shied away from shocking viewers. From dead parents sprouting up from the grave and steamy sex scenes with the POTUS himself, we both love and curse the genius that is Shonda Rhimes. She's brought white hats back in style and kept us chewing our finger nails every week. And according to Tony Goldwyn -- that's President Fitzgerald Grant to you -- we have good reason to be nervous for everyone on the show in upcoming episodes.

"None of us are safe," Goldwyn told The Hollywood Reporter. "It just gets more intense from here."

More intense than James being shot by Jake? More intense than Mellie shacking up with the VP? More intense than Olivia's mom working with terrorists to overthrow the government?

Scandal has been full of turning points this season and with the end near -- the show is cutting this season short by a few episodes presumably because of Kerry Washington's bun in the oven -- we can expect even more changes coming for Fitz, Olivia and the rest of the cast.

"All boundaries are removed and truly anything can happen," Goldwyn said.

One thing fans should be worried about is Olivia's mother. Last episode we saw Marie Wallace gain access to the president's campaign itinerary and, with her history of blowing things up, things aren't looking too good for the upcoming campaign trail.

"They're certainly up to something extreme because they have all of the president's movements for the entire campaign," Goldwyn said when asked about another possible assassination attempt on the president. "And that guy, Ivan? He's not messing around. You can only assume that's going to be the case; that plot line isn't going to cool down."

Oh Vermont! You keep looking better and better.