Seal Bellies Up To Dog, Gives It A Big Hug

WATCH: Seal Bellies Up To Dog, Gives It A Hug

Ready for your daily dose of cute? Well, belly on up for a seal snuggle.

Elise Frebourg captured an adorable bit of animal friendship in southwestern France with video of a seal hugging a dog.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube last week, opens with the seal lumbering up to a group of people and their dog, curiously inspecting the group. Once it sees the dog lie down, the seal makes a move and cozies up to the pup. If that weren't enough, the mammal goes one step further and seals the deal, resting its flipper on the dog's shoulder.

Last month, a seal in the same region of France (potentially the same seal) gained notoriety aftervideo surfaced of it approaching surfers for a better look. One of the surfers, Bertrand Chaussade, said the encounter was "like playing with a little dog, it was a very playful and loving animal," according to The Telegraph.

Per the International Fund for Animal Welfare, it's typical for seals to spend time on the beach, so even though this animal is more comfortable around humans than it should be, it isn't necessarily sick. The site also reminds readers it's never a good idea to approach wild seals (or pet them, as the man does in the video). Ideally, per the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, humans should keep at least 150 feet of distance from the animals.

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