Sequestration Poll Shows That Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Impacted By Cuts

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans have felt the pain of automatic spending cuts, according to a poll released Friday by ABC News and The Washington Post.

Most Americans across the political spectrum disapprove of the cuts. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats, 54 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of independents oppose sequestration.

Cuts seem to be having more of an impact than in months past. A CBS News poll in early May found that only 27 percent of Americans were impacted by the cuts. A March ABC/Post poll found that cuts had only impacted 25 percent of respondents.

The impact of the cuts colors the respondents' view of the economic recovery. For those who say that the cuts have had no impact, 66 percent say that the economic recovery has begun. For those who say that it has had a minor impact, 46 percent say the economy is recovering, while 53 percent say it isn't. Those who say it has had a major impact squarely think the economy is not recovering, by a margin of 36 to 63 percent.

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