Seth Meyers Confronts U.S. Fears About The Caravan Of Migrants

A 75-year-old Republican woman in northern Minnesota fears that migrant gangs will take over summer lake homes.

President Donald Trump is trying to scare as many people as he can with lies about the caravan of migrants from Honduras ― and he’s having some success with that, Seth Meyers said.

On Wednesday, the “Late Night” host discussed a New York Times article that quoted a 75-year-old Republican woman from northern Minnesota who was afraid that migrant gangs would take over people’s summer lake homes.

“We have a lot of people who live on lakes in the summer and winter someplace else,” Meyers quoted the woman as saying. “When they come back in the spring their house would be occupied.”

This made Meyers groan.

“So this lady thinks the poor Hondurans are going to walk all the way up the length of Mexico, somehow get past ICE and the Border Patrol then walk another 1,800 miles to live on a lake in Minnesota in the winter?!?” he said.

“You know, in the back of those MAGA hats, there’s a little thing where you can loosen it and restore the blood flow," Meyers added.

Check out the video above to see what Meyers had to say about the bomb found at CNN’s New York bureau.

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